Our Cancer Story

When Mike became mysteriously ill, and started turning yellow, he went to his primary care physician for tests. The doctor said Mike was looking at the potential of having a tumor obstructing his liver.

The initial ultrasound was diagnosed as a possible gall bladder issue, and the doctor suggested Mike have his gallbladder removed.

We did not have medical insurance at the time, so our primary physician suggested going to a major hospital near us directly to the emergency room, and have his gall bladder removed.

By the time we presented in the emergency room, Mike was yellow from head to toe. He had developed painful, itchy sores all over his body and he was utterly miserable.

This emergency room physician told us right away he did not believe Mike had a gallbladder issue, but most likely he was suffering from pancreatic cancer.

We were stunned. What had begun as a simple in and out gallbladder surgery became the worse diagnosis we could possibly imagine.

This doctor ordered every test available to him that day. A couple of hours later he came to find me in the back waiting room and told me he believed Mike probably only had about six months to live.

I was devastated. I think I went into a low level of shock because I became extremely cold and began shivering. I did not share this death sentence with Mike at this point. I called my nearest and dearest faith-filled prayer warriors and got a prayer team activated on our behalf right away.

By the time the doctor got all of Mike's test results back he came to tell both of us that Mike had a very rare form of cancer of the bile ducts called Cholangiocarcinoma. He said he was working hard to get Mike admitted into the leading cancer research hospital near us for an ERCP - a surgical procedure to insert a stint into the bile ducts to drain all of the toxins.

A medical transport took Mike to Loma Linda, the leading cancer research university / hospital in our region. Mike was treated there with an ERCP - and told to report to the oncology department for follow up care.

Without medical insurance - we were refused treatment at Loma Linda and were referred to the local general hospital's oncology department. We called this hospital for two full days with no answer. Apparently, they are too inundated with their patient load to answer the phone.

We contacted a reliable naturopathic doctor with lots of success treating difficult cases and she made a series of healing suggestions for us that we followed religiously.

Many have contacted us and asked exactly what we did - so I am writing it up in this blog as a reference place people can come and try what we tried for themselves.


However, I am claiming that our bodies are magnificent machines and they can heal when we give them everything they need in order to heal.

Here is the protocol we used - and Mike's body recovered and today he is completely well.


1. Eat an organic VEGAN diet; no animal foods at all. Animal foods are acidic, cancer thrives in an acid environment, so eating alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables is vital to restore the immune system and heal the body.

2. Cut out ALL SUGAR. Sugar feeds cancer. Small amounts of fruit is okay, especially organic berries; very nourishing.

3. Drink eight to ten 8 oz glasses of alkaline water daily.

4. Juice twice daily with our HEALTH BLAST JUICE; recipe below.

5. Mike drank the Molasses Baking Soda mixture twice daily; recipe below.

6. Mike went through two bottles of Oceans Alive pure plankton super food. There are articles claiming plankton is a scam - and I don't know for sure how helpful this product was - but we trust this source for good information - and Mike is cancer free today, so you decide. You can read more about it for yourself (here).

7. Take high quality probiotic daily; purchase in the cold section of your local health food market; if possible containing: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus plantarium.

8. Get lots of rest and sleep as many hours at night as possible. The better the sleep, the better the body heals.


Molasses Mixture 2 x's daily:

8 oz water

1 tsp no aluminum baking soda

1 Tablespoon organic black strap molasses

½ teaspoon black cumin oil 3x day



· 1/2 medium red beet – or one whole small beet

· 3 stalks kale

· 3 celery stalks

· 1/4 bunch cilantro

· 1/4 bunch parsley

· 2 green apples; include seeds

· 1 lemon – peeled

· 1 orange – peeled

· 3 inches ginger root

· 3 inches tumeric root

· 1/4 jalapeno – seeded

L’chiam! – To Life! This is not a “tasty” juice so we toast to LIFE when we drink it!

We use an Ortega 200 juicer. Any juicer you like will work fine. If you do not have a juicer - you can use a HEAVY DUTY blender - and then strain the pulp.

The reason for juicing - rather than eating TONS of fruits and vegetables is because this juice is power packed with nutrition - more than you can chew in one sitting, and this helps give the body a blast of healthy nutrition.


We also compiled a list of healing Scriptures from the bible and prayed these Scriptures daily. We trust God heard our prayers, and along with all of these healing protocols Mike has recovered.